Counting Down

Counting Down

Avoid Holiday Crunch-Time

Not to freak you out or anything, but if you haven't looked at the calendar...well, the clock is ticking. We're right in the middle of holiday shopping time. In the event you've got some hard-to-buy-for folks on your list, one (or more) of these gift ideas will help. If you decide to get a little something for yourself as well, we won't tell.

SmartLoft: the World's Smartest Insulator

SmartLoft is guaranteed to please. We've brought the power of wool to insulation in newly revamped fall collection. SmartLoft offers warmth without bulk, lightweight breathability and insulation even when wet.

  1. Men's Propulsion 60 Jacket ($180)
  2. Men's PhD Propulsion 60 Hoody Sport ($260)
  3. Men's Corbet 120 Vest ($170)
  4. Men's Corbet 120 Jacket ($200)
  5. Men's Double Corbet 120 Jacket ($220)
  6. Women's Double Corbet 120 Jacket ($220)
  7. Women's Printed Corbet 120 Jacket ($210)
  8. Women's Corbet 120 Jacket ($200)
  9. Women's Printed Corbet 120 Vest ($180)
  10. Women's Double Propulsion 60 Hoody ($200)
  11. Women's Propulsion 60 Jacket ($180)

Gifts Under $35: Guaranteed to Please

Your friends and family will be stoked to receive these dig-to-the-bottom of the drawer socks. From our best everyday socks in tried-and-true heritage styles to bold patterns and colors that show the world you're not afraid to have fun, these sub $35 gifts offer a lot of bang for your buck! Need more ideas? Check out these great gifts for the special guy or gal on your list - all for under $35.