Angel Collinson

It’s official: Angel Collinson, 24, is on fire. That’s her on the cover of the November 2015 issue of Powder Magazine. And that’s her absolutely shredding Alaska's Neacola Range in the closing segment of Teton Gravity Research’s latest film , Paradise Waits. For those following her rise, this isn’t the least bit surprising. After narrzowly missing a spot on the US Ski Team, the Utah native stormed on the freeskiing competition scene, winning the Freeskiing World Tour in 2010 and 2011 and finishing second in 2012. Later that year, standing in line for the Snowbird tram, she got a phone call from Teton Gravity Research, inviting her to heli-ski in Alaska for their 2013 film. “I was too stunned to get onto the tram,” says Collinson. “I felt like I’d just won the universe’s lottery.” She has since appeared in a half-dozen ski films, including Unicorn Picnic’s Pretty Faces, Sherpas Cinema’s Into the Mind, and four TGR films, including winning Best Female Performance at the Powder Awards for her opening segment in 2014’s Almost Ablaze.