Hank Pantier

The Ultimate Comfort Food

Hank Pantier
The Ultimate Comfort Food

Cozy SmartWool Socks on an Indoor Day

You know those not-so-hot days? The ones when you just want to stay in your coziest things, make a hot cup of something, and curl up on the couch?

We had one of those today.


Here’s a funny thing. I feel like I’ve spent this time cultivating our home into a refuge, a sanctuary, a place where anyone – but especially family – can feel safe and loved on:

The ultimate comfort food for the soul.

I thought I was the only one to notice it, but our boy needed a cozy stay-at-home day to chase away a threatening cold or flu or something, and before I knew it, he had pulled out his guitar and some big ol’ thick socks.


He didn’t have to ask me to join.

He has to bunch them up and roll them over just so; just enough so that his feet won’t slip when he props them up on the coffee table, and just enough so that he can see the stripes.


And when he’s got them pulled up just right and he’s kicked back just so…

Cozy time becomes major down-time.

Comfort food really does do the trick, doesn’t it?

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