Hank Pantier

The Storyteller

Hank Pantier
The Storyteller

One on One with Adam Weitzel

From managing photo shoots of SmartWool’s athletes to producing videos about SmartWool’s newest gear, Adam Weitzel tells stories with pictures. Which means he gets to visit some pretty cool places (a trip to Chamonix to hike around Mont Blanc is on the agenda for September), and hang with some pretty cool people (like that time he got to ice climb with Conrad Anker).

Q: Describe your role at SmartWool.
A: My official title is Media Producer, which is short for content producer, videographer, editor, and any other hat I need to wear during photo/video production. The bulk of my job is to plan and produce our video content, as well as plan photography shoots focused on our athletes.

A typical day at the office

A typical day at the office


Q: How long have you been at SmartWool?
A: Just shy of a year.

Q: What’s your favorite sock and why?
A: My favorite sock has to be the PhD Outdoor Light Pattern Crew Socks. I really feel I can do any activity in these socks: hike, skate, ride my cruiser through town, anything. Enough cushion for support, but light enough to not be too hot for summer activities.

Q: Favorite Piece and why?
A: If I had to choose, I’d say that’s currently anything in the Charley Harper Collection. As a visually minded person, I love seeing how his artwork transforms onto the 3-D space of a sock. He had a deep connection to the outdoors and I’m drawn to how his artwork shares his passion.

Filming video is only part of the job. Adam setting up for a shoot.

Filming video is only part of the job. Adam setting up for a shoot.


Q: Oldest Piece?
A: I have a pair of ski socks that I bought when I first moved to Steamboat Springs in 2004. They are still in the rotation for those early morning powder days.

Q: SmartWool Dream Product?
A: I love exploring other uses for my SmartWool pieces, and this past April on a surf trip to Hawaii, I wore some of our PhD Ultra Light shirts to surf and paddle in. The wool properties worked great, but the shirt needed to have a bit more of a tailored fit for when it’s wet. But it dried fast, and kept me warm when the wind picked up. So, my dream product would be a SmartWool watermans shirt. Or a one-piece base layer with the old school butt-flap!

Q: Activities that you frequently participate in?
A: Snowboarding, split-board adventures, surfing, stand-up paddleboarding (on oceans and rivers), hiking with our Catahoula pup. It’s easy to get me to try anything new if it’s outdoors.


Q: What inspires you?
A: The stillness of the outdoors. I find I have my most inspired moments when I lose myself in an activity. It’s almost meditative. When you become focused on a single activity, I think your brain has time to process the other thoughts running in your head and kind of categorize them for you. And at the end of that activity I feel refocused for whatever obstacles I have coming at me.

Q: What would you do with two weeks “off” and an unlimited budget?
A: Week 1: Backcountry split-boarding in BC or Alaska. Week 2: Surf trip to Bali.

Scouting for the perfect location sometimes requires going the extra mile

Scouting for the perfect location sometimes requires going the extra mile


Q: Favorite thing to give?
A: SmartWool socks! Seriously though, my friends and family get so excited over socks it makes me smile every time.

Q: What is your guilty pleasure?
A: Peanut butter cookies. Gets me every time.

Q: Anything else?
A: My favorite thing about working here is working for a company that really pushes its employees to get outside and be active. Not just once a year, but every day. Being based in the mountains really allows us to use these products every day and constantly evolve our products to make them better and better.