Hank Pantier

Q&A with Jana Lorenzen

Hank Pantier
Q&A with Jana Lorenzen

SmartWool Sock and Accessory Designer

You might say Jana Lorenzen has a dream job. As a Sock and Accessory Designer at SmartWool, she’s always on the lookout for new trends, fresh colors and the latest technologies to make your favorite SmartWool® products even better. And she gets to do it all in her home base of Boulder, Colorado, where it’s just about as easy to shop on Pearl Street as it is to climb a 14er.



Q: How long have you been at SmartWool?
A: Three years

Q: What’s your favorite sock and why?
A: PhD® Run Light Elite Micro and the Secret Sleuth. PhD® Run Light Elite Micro because I can run further and stay more comfortable with a little cushion. I love the Secret Sleuth because I can wear it with all of my favorite flats.

Q: Favorite piece?
A: It is a toss up between the Double Corbet 120 jacket (a SmartLoft piece) and the Tabaretta sweater dress, both new styles for Fall ’15. The Double Corbet Jacket is perfect for hiking in cooler weather, walking the dogs and a great layering piece for skiing. The Tabaretta sweater dress is really on trend right now and I love to wear it as a tunic with tights or over jeans.

Q: Oldest piece?
A: Classic Hike Medium Crew, I bought these at REI for my 1st 14er when I had just moved to Colorado 10 years ago.

Q: SmartWool dream product?
A: I love SmartWool and I love the natural properties of wool and how it keeps us all comfortable year round. As a member of the design team we have a great challenge in creating our SmartWool Dream Product every season.

Q: Activities that you frequently participate in?
A: Hiking with my two border collies, body pump, skiing, running, yoga.

Q: What inspires you?
A: I get inspiration for my designs mostly from inspiration shopping trips to NYC, LA, and Montreal. I also attend global trend presentations and subscribe to global trend sites. I visit outdoor and fashion trade shows to check up on what’s trending in and out of our industry. I also am obsessed with Pinterest, so feel free to follow me on Pinterest to see what is inspiring me.

Q: What would you do with two weeks “off” and an unlimited budget?
A: Wow, great question. My fiancée and I both share a passion for traveling the world. We have a long list of everywhere we want to go. I would say my dream trip of the moment is Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. I feel if I go all that way there I might as well hit all 3 spots.

Q: Favorite thing to give?
A: A handwritten card.

Q: What is your guilty pleasure?
A: Seinfeld. Those that know me best are sick of me always referencing Seinfeld but I love to laugh and I love comedy and I love Seinfeld, it takes me to my happy place every time.

Q: What did we forget to ask?
A: I love my job. I enjoy being creative every day and collaborating with my wonderful coworkers. I also am happy to be a part of such a great company that encourages a great work life balance so we can get our active mountain life on!