Hank Pantier

Long-Distance Commute

Hank Pantier
Long-Distance Commute

The 9th Annual Ride to OR

Last week, 80-some SmartWool employees, reps and friends took to the streets and human-powered our way to Salt Lake City, Utah. Nine years ago, thinking there must be a better way to commute to the annual Summer Outdoor Retailer trade show, we decided to pedal our way there and invited some friends along for the ride. We’ve been making it an annual pilgrimage ever since.

This year was one of extremes: we rode through bright sunshine and bone-chilling sleet plus temperature swings of over 60 degrees. Bad weather forced us to end our ride a few miles early, but didn’t dampen our spirits. Smiles were never in short supply and we reached SLC better friends and co-workers, more aware of our environment and seriously ready to eat. Here’s a quick look at the ride and what goes into sitting in the saddle for hours a day.

The skinny:

  • 4 days
  • 350-ish miles
  • 82 riders
  • 1 rain delay
  • Lots and lots of gels, chews and chamois butter
  • 1 pair of corduroy shorts